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Vancouver Fashion Week SCAM ALERT: This website is a place to share your past or present Vancouver Fashion Week experience. This site is not intended to hurt the Vancouver fashion industry in any way but to stop the producer of VFW from exploiting students and recent graduates for their well meaning free labour, as well as exploiting emerging and established designers with sub par production. We have created this site because we support local and International designers and their efforts in creating real art, and do not want them to be cheated by the producer of VFW. The sooner he is held accountable, the sooner we can let the dust settle and provide Vancouver fashion designers with a proper platform. Please comment or share where you can and spread this site to your peers.

The reason why we are taking this matter so seriously is because we were exposed to a work environment where there was not one employee on payroll, and VFW was made up of only dozens of interns trying to train and manage each other in attempt to execute our tasks given to us by the producer without strategy or resources. Many of us were referred to this organization by our schools to gain work training from professionals, yet the structure did not support such an environment with not one pay-rolled staff to train or manage us, and we believe our schools, the city and the fashion industry have been kept unaware of this. At the very basic level, we are dealing with severe workplace exploitation, on top of much larger issues this organization has in the workplace, fashion industry and reputation of Vancouver.

But don’t just take our word for it, please look into it yourself.

Thank you for your support.

-Concerned People of Vancouver


VFW Internship – Links to help you understand your role and rights as an intern

Internships and the Law: What You Need to Know

By Shaun Smith
September 12, 2011


Don’t worry interns and past interns, this is not a new situation:


Babic, Vana

* Please email us a detailed honest account of your work experience including start and end date, your role, your experience and where you found the intern posting so we can accurately present it to the city to . If you would like to stay anonymous, please mention that in the email, but we do need your support so that the city understands the scope of this dysfunctional situation. Feel free to leave a comment so our fellow interns and peers don’t feel alone, and so others may be warned of what is really happening. Our time at VFW was not a waste of time but a great learning experience to learn our strengths and limits!

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